Undergraduate Research Scholars

College of Letters & Science

Current Scholars

If you are a current scholar please use this handbook as your reference throughout the year.

Only first- and second-year students who have been admitted to URS may register for Inter L&S 250. The course permits registration for 2 to 3 credits. How many credits you register for depends on how many hours per week you devote to the assigned research or creative project. Working on research for 4 to 6 hours per week earns 2 credits. Most students should be registered in Inter L&S 250 for 2 credits. If the research project you are involved with requires 7-12 hours a week that will earn you 3 credits per semester. In some cases, a research mentor will prefer that you register for directed study or special problems credits under their supervision in their academic department. In such cases, contact the Program Director and she will assist you in resolving the situation.

URS - INTER L&S 250 is a unique course in part because it is a combination of an individual, guided research experience and weekly group seminars. Scholars earn credit for these two unequal components -- the research work done with the Research Mentor (75% of total grade) and participation in the URS Seminar (25% of your grade). The final grade is determined by the URS Program Director and staff.

Registering for Inter L&S 250

In order to successfully register for URS you must apply on line and be admitted to the program – either through a letter or email – and you must have the five digit course number mentioned in that letter. If you do not have the five digit course number please contact us right away.

Registering for URS (INTER L&S 250) requires permission – if you have received a letter that you have been admitted you have been given permission to register and you will be able to do so if you go directly to “Course Enrollment” tab.

If you are having trouble registering for URS please note that you will not be able to “search” for INTER L&S open sections to add to your schedule. In My UW go directly to “Course Enrollment” tab and in the “Enter Class Number” add five digit number you have been given.

INTER L&S is a variable number credit course. You should register for 2 credits initially and final number of credits will depend on the research opportunity you join.

Changing Number of Credits

To change number credits you are enrolled for: during the first two weeks of the semester students can change the number of credits in My UW without additional steps. After the second week in the semester in order to change number of credits students must fill out the Course Change From available from the Registrar here and bring it to URS office, 311 Red Gym for approval. After you obtain signature from URS you will need to take this form to your academic dean’s office.

URS Research Contract

After completing interviews with prospective mentors and setting up research positions (see next section, “Finding a Research Opportunity”) you must work out the details of the research or creative project experience with your Research Mentors. Together, you and your mentor must write these details on the URS Research Contract. The contract should clearly outline the specific tasks you are responsible for, the number of hours per week you are expected to work, and the number of credits, either 2 or 3, that the research mentor believes is appropriate for the amount of time invested. Both must sign and date the contract. If you need a copy of the contract please ask your fellows. You must submit a copy of the contract to your Research Fellows or to URS office by the fifth week of the semester.

URS Research and Federal Work Study Policy

As a URS Scholar, you are permitted to earn Federal Work Study (FWS) pay for part of the work you do as a research assistant through the URS Program if you are eligible for FWS funds and if your Research Mentor has funds to pay the “employer” portion of your salary. Your mentor’s departmental office will be responsible for collecting your reports of FWS hours worked (time sheets) and for processing them so you are paid. You may not earn more than your FWS allocation per semester. The departmental office is required to have on file a description of your work position paid for by FWS funds.