Undergraduate Research Scholars

College of Letters & Science

Welcome to URS!

The Undergraduate Research Scholars program (URS) is dedicated to enhancing the academic experience of UW-Madison students by providing first and second year undergraduates with opportunities to earn credit for participating in the research and creative work with UW-Madison faculty and staff. The program has been designed to include partnerships between students and mentors, seminars on research-relevant issues, and practice in research/artistic presentations. The many benefits of the program are found in the fluid interaction between these activities.

Discovery and creativity are the cornerstones of our greatness as a university - in the sciences, engineering, the arts or the social sciences. The experience of working with a faculty or staff member who is pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge or creative expression will transform what students learn in the classroom into reality and relevance.

URS Mission Statement

  • We bring together first-and second-year undergraduates with faculty and staff to enhance the university's mission of research and creative endeavor
  • We help to create a diverse and inclusive scholarly community that includes students from historically underrepresented groups
  • We develop leadership through peer mentoring
  • We assist URS students in planning challenging post-baccalaureate opportunities

What are the benefits?

For scholars, the benefits include the opportunity to work closely with a faculty or staff researcher in an area of interest, to gain "hands-on" experience that embodies the concepts taught in classrooms, and to contribute to the production of knowledge. For research mentors, the benefits include the receipt of valuable research assistance and the opportunity to share excitement about their work with an enthusiastic young scholar. For research fellows, the benefits include the development of leadership and teaching skills, the satisfaction of supporting younger students, and building closer ties with researchers on campus.

  • Experience the cutting edge where new discoveries are made
  • Be in a community of students, faculty, and staff who learn, create, and serve together
  • Explore hands-on what it is like to work in a specialized field in which you have an interest
  • Discover that text-book facts have real-life applications
  • Develop a one-on-one relationships with faculty, staff, and URS research mentors
  • Learn about university resources at weekly URS seminars
  • Develop new skills and discover others that you didn't know you had
  • Earn academic credit for research