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"The best learning happens when we allow students to take control of their own learning."
-Shaadie Ali, URS Alumnus

"URS has meant identifying issues in the world and learning how to use research to address those challenges."
Ross Dahlke, URS Alumnus

"It's meant challenging myself to engage in deeper conversation and expand my mindset and global view."
Laura J. Miller, Alumna

The Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program is a high-impact practice (HIP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The URS program is for students who want to learn not only the hard and fast skills of their field but also want to acquire an interdisciplinary perspective on research, develop critical thinking, and grow as an informed citizen.

The URS is made up of three key communities: Scholars, Fellows, and Mentors.

  • Scholars are 1st- and 2nd- year students or transfer students who participate in the two-semester course Inter-LS 250: Undergraduate Research Experience. The course involves two interconnected parts: 1) a one-hour seminar every Wednesday, and 2) participation on a research or creative work project. For more information about Scholars and to APPLY TO BE A URS SCHOLAR, please click here.
  • Fellows are hired upperclass students who lead every Wednesday seminar and are required to build class plans and syllabi with the supervision of the URS staff. Fellows attend weekly meetings to develop their skills as instructors and must attend the Inter-LS 315: Paradigms and Process in Academic Inquiry course during their first semester of fellowing. For more information about fellowing, click here.
  • Mentors are UW-affiliated faculty and staff (i.e. professors, Principal Investigators, senior scientists…) from any discipline who provide mentorship to Scholars. To learn more about mentoring, click here.