"URS has strengthened my commitment to do more research and pursue grad school."
-Lauren Hoffarth, Former Fellow

Prospective Scholars

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Why Apply to Be a Scholar?

  • Work directly with principal investigators and renowned researchers and faculty
  • Gain references for letters of recommendation and support in post-baccalaureate endeavors
  • Make connections and build the potential to continue in research for four years
  • Work with peers beginning research for their first time
  • Learn from experienced upper-level students (Fellows) who have had research and creative practice experience
  • Be a part of a close knit community
  • Be informed and have access to scholarships, internships, and career opportunities

Eligibility Requirements

  • URS is a year-long experience. Availability for 4-6 hours of research per week and a weekly seminar during both fall and spring semesters is a requirement 
  • Must be available from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesdays (see Inter-LS 250)
  • 1st- or 2nd- year student or transfer students beginning their first year at UW
  • We invite students from underrepresented groups to apply
  • No research/creative practice experience needed

How to Apply

The URS program is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year! The application will remain open until August 15th at 9am.

Find the application here on the Apply to be a URS Scholar page.


Inter-LS 250: Undergraduate Research Experience

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Credit Hours

The Inter L&S 250 course permits registration for 1-3 credits. The number of credits a Scholar registers for depends on how many hours per week the student will devote to the assigned research or creative project.

Working 1-3 hours per week earns 1 credits per semester. Few students register for this many but it is possible under certain circumstances.

Working 4-6 hours per week earns 2 credits per semester. The majority of students should register for this many.

Working 7-12 hours per week earns 3 credits per semester. Some projects will require this many hours worked.

Please contact the Program Director for their assistance if your mentor prefers that you register for directed study or special problem credits under the Mentor’s supervision in their academic department.

Changing Number of Credits

During the first two weeks of the semester students can change their number of credits in MyUW without additional steps. After which to change the number of credits will require student to fill out the Course Change Form. Students must then bring this form to the URS office for approval.The form must then be dropped off at the student’s respective academic dean’s office.

Registering for Inter L&S 250

Once admitted to the program, you will receive either an email or a letter with the five digit course number mentioned in that letter. If you were admitted but did not receive the 5 digit course number please contact us right away.

Go to the your MyUW, then go directly to the “course enrollment” tab and in the “enter class number” add the five digit number you have been given. Add your seminar  to the cart. Select the number of expected credits. Continue hitting “next” until enrolled. Note that you will not be able to “search” for Inter L&S open sections.

Inter L&S is a variable number credit course. You should register for 2 credits initially and final number credits will depend on the research opportunity you join.


The credit load of URS is split into two parts: a Scholar’s research or creative practice placement, and the weekly seminar.

Seminars are small groups (15-18) of URS Scholars from different disciplines and research/creative practice placements. They are classes facilitated by upper-level peer mentors with experience in research and/or creative practice. All seminars are held on Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 during both fall and spring semester of your participatory year.

This course explores interdisciplinary perspectives in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Humanities & Arts research, as well as creative practice. In seminar, Scholars consider the different dimensions of research and creative practices. Including, the relevance of research and creative practice in different areas of life, the relationship between research/creative practice and current events, and how research in different disciplines intersect.

Seminars are an essential part of the URS experience and something that sets the program apart from other paths to research at UW. When deciding to apply, we encourage prospective Scholars to consider both their commitment to a research or creative practice endeavor, as well as the weekly seminar.

Learn more about the URS Scholar experience by viewing this recent URS Scholar video, produced in spring 2021. The video features five current Undergraduate Research Scholars representing a variety of research and creative practice placements.

Time to cue the music and let some of our Scholars speak for themselves…

Current Scholars page click here.