Current Mentors

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  • Month of September- Scholar-Mentor interviews
  • First week of October- Contracts are due
  • Fall grade submissions due shortly after classes end
  • January/ February- Undergraduate Symposium application is open
  • March 1st- all Undergraduate Symposium applications are due
  • Mid-April- Undergraduate Symposium
  • Spring grade submissions due shortly after classes end
*After spring semester, the Scholar and mentor may make the choice to continue

Mentoring the URS Scholar

We ask that you, or a post-doc or graduate student under your direct supervision, take an active role throughout your student’s research experience. The tasks you assign and the learning goals you set can help the student develop deeper understanding, engagement and excitement about research. It would also help to schedule regular conversations with your students about their progress during the course of the semester and year.

Presenting Research - Undergraduate Symposium

During the spring semester each URS student will present his/her research or art project in a talk, poster, or performance presentation at the campus wide Undergraduate SymposiumMentors must approve the student’s abstract to ensure his/her acceptance to the Symposium.This abstract will be published on line and in the Symposium program. Please work with the student as he/she develops both abstract and presentation. It will likely be the student’s first formal research presentation, needing substantial guidance to be a successful and rewarding experience.

Click here to learn more about the Undergraduate Symposium.

How the Student(s) Begin Working With You? 


After Scholar orientation during the first week of classes are completed, they will reach out to 2-3 mentors of interest via email requesting an interview. Throughout September, please look for emails from interested students asking to set up an interview with you.

The interview process should be geared toward learning about interests, what the project entails, your expectations, aspects of the research process the student will be exposed to, etc. Both you and the student have a choice about working together. The decision should be mutual.

You may have several students to interview and choose from. Please choose as early as is feasible. This will help the remaining students find other opportunities quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions in the process contact the Director or Assistant Director immediately.


Every URS student must work out the expectations and duties of the research or creative project with the mentor. Mentor and student must write these details on the URS research contract. Both you and the URS student must sign and date the contract, and the student must submit it to URS by the fifth week of the semester.

The contract helps ensure clear and up-front communication of expectations and what the student can hope to accomplish/learn (see final page). It should clearly outline:

  • tasks for which the student is responsible
  • number of hours/week the student is expected to work
  • aspects of a research process (see list p. 2) the student will be learning
  • number of credits – 2 or 3 – appropriate for the student’s time invested. If a student is expected to work with you 4-6 hours per week, 2 credits is appropriate. For 7-12 hours a week, 3 credits are appropriate

If you find during the semester that the student is averaging more or fewer hours than expected, please contact the URS Director and the credit load will be adjusted accordingly.

Download contract here.

Download mentor handbook here: 2019-2020 Mentor Handbook.

To submit an opportunity click here.