Fellows 2021-2022

Jordan Bartosiak is a third-year student from Brookfield, Wisconsin majoring in Neurobiology with a certificate in Global Health. She is also a pre-dental student, so she spends her time volunteering at the More Smiles Wisconsin clinic and is a part of Pre-Dental Society on campus. Her current research involves cross-linking mass spectrometry to analyze metabolic pathways in yeast. In her free time, she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and binging Netflix shows

Peter Bryant is a third-year student from Massachusetts studying Computer Science and Mathematics. During his time as a scholar, he completed a yearlong research project studying class numbers of quadratic extensions of real quadratic fields and applying it to their research problem with an algebraic number theorist from the Department of Mathematics. Beyond research, Peter tries to stay Zen around Madison by finding spots to set up a hammock and contributes to leadership for Effective Altruism UW-Madison on campus.

Isa Butz is a third-year studying Psychology and Neurobiology with certificates in Health and the Humanities and LGBTQ+ Studies. In the future, she plans to go to medical school and earn a Master’s in Public Health. Isa hails from Greenfield, Wisconsin and has an endless passion for learning. During her time as a Scholar, Isa worked in the Learning, Representation, and Technology Lab studying the how to best implement specific types of physical and virtual learning methods in chemistry. Outside of research, she likes to play video games, exercise, and chat with friends. 

Shannon Carnahan is a 3rd year student from Los Angeles, California studying Psychology with a certificate in Global Health. She conducts research through the Psychology department on the social, cognitive, and neural mechanisms that perpetrate stereotypes and bias. In the future, she hopes to receive a PhD in Psychology and go to the Peace Corps. In her free time, Shannon enjoys spending time outdoors, taking care of her plants, and playing a good game of UNO.

Tam Doan is a third-year student from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She is double majoring in Biology and Asian Languages and Culture, and is planning to enter the field of dentistry as a pediatric dentist. As a scholar, Tam worked with Dr. Dawnene Hassett on her research involving children and how play and creativity affects literacy education. Outside of URS, you can find Tam playing the violin for the UW-Madison All-University Strings orchestra, cooking for her friends, or adopting more plants than she needs (it’s a small problem).

Sakuni Egodawatte is a fourth-year student from Naperville, Illinois. She’s majoring in Computer Sciences and Linguistics. During her time as a scholar, she worked on an applied linguistics research project in the Language Sciences department, that looked at how global languages students envision their future careers. Over the summer she participated in an REU at the University of Nevada, Reno; her research involved creating a machine learning model to detect sarcasm in text. She hopes to pursue a master’s in computational linguistics, but when she’s not thinking about grad school applications she’s watching Netflix, window shopping and consuming caffeine.


Jillian Flanagan is a junior from Malvern, Pennsylvania majoring in Anthropology with certificates in Environmental Studies and American Indian Studies. She is also an Honors student and is part of the Filipinx American Student Organization. She devotes her time to researching tribal food sovereignty on the Fort Peck, Montana reservation and scooping ice cream at the Chocolate Shoppe on State Street. In her free time, she’s practicing throwing shotput with the Wisconsin Track Club Cows, volunteering with Autistic children, and playing with paints.

Mauricio Garcia is a third-year student from Chicago, Illinois. He’s majoring in Communication Arts: Radio, TV, Film with certificates in Entrepreneurship and Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies. During his time as a scholar, he worked on an artificial intelligence research project that focused on examining the spontaneousness and excitement AI achieves through human interaction. Currently, he’s working on directing short films, creating music, and investing in small businesses. In his free time, he likes to dance and explore new activities such as hiking.

Samantha Greco is a third-year from Fullerton, California with a major in Psychology and certificates in Asian American Studies and Disability Rights and Services. She conducts research in a Psychology lab that aims to create more effective diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s Disease. In the future, she hopes to work in Neuropsychology and help patients with brain injuries/mental disorders. When she’s not studying, she enjoys trying out new makeup looks and taking kickboxing classes.

Barbara Hanna is a senior majoring in Neurobiology and English Literature with a 2D Studio Art certificate. She is currently applying to medical school with hopes of becoming a surgeon one day. Working at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, Barbara conducts research looking at potential treatments for neovascular eye disease. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or behind a pipet, Barbara can be found hiking in the forest, getting messy with a graphite drawing, or strumming her guitar.

Shilpa Maddikunta is a third-year student from Eau Claire, Wisconsin pursuing a major in Psychology with a certificate in 3D Studio Art. During her time as a scholar, Shilpa worked with Dr. Bianca Baldridge in the School of Education studying discussions surrounding racial disparities between Madison’s White and Black residents. The purpose of the project was to eventually create educational reforms to alleviate the disparities within schools in predominantly-white cities. Shilpa currently works as an EMT in the city of Marshall and in the Kaufman lab in the Department of Surgery studying immunosuppression minimization in kidney transplant recipients. In her free time, Shilpa enjoys playing tennis, painting gifts for friends, and binging Kdramas with her roommates (she has tons of recommendations).


Introducing: Cassidy Martin was named after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. She was born a Mennonite in Hopkinsville, Kentucky but raised Southern Baptist in Nashville Tennessee. In Nashville she has a youth nonprofit family called Southern Word that has helped take her to national team poetry slams, Brave New Voices, be Nashville Youth Poet Laureate, and National Youth Poet Laureate Finalist. Then, to First Wave here at UW-Madison. Cassidy is now a senior, with a major in Sociology and still on her undergraduate URS project Anti-Racist Training and Toolkit, which she found a way to earn degree credit for!  Cassidy is a poet, visual artist, podcaster, model, photographer, and likes to do it all even if she’s not perfect, and she loves to collaborate! Cassidy is a huge introvert, so that just means she loves spending time with people one on one. However, Cassidy has been on stage and in front of a class for years, so she is very excited to work with her peers on completing their goals!

Liam Murphy is a fourth-year student studying Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies. He is a New York Posse scholar from the Bronx, New York and works as a House Fellow in Sellery Residence Hall. Throughout his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Liam has participated as a scholar in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, acted as a STEM Immersion Leader for WISCIENCE, and worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Herbarium as a transcriptionist. During his time as a URS Scholar, Liam studied how barley genetics can influence drought tolerance in simulated conditions at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Cereal Crops Research Unit. During his free time, Liam enjoys spending time exploring outdoor areas and seeing friends. After graduation, Liam hopes to either work as a Wildlife Ecologist or high school science teacher.

Alejandro Perez is a proud Posse Scholar from Southern California studying Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Energy Sustainability. He is a 3rd year student and a research assistant in the Department of Engineering Physics. His research consists of studying nuclear heat transfer and reactor models on which he has co-authored many research papers and book chapters. When he’s not studying, he’s usually watching sports or hitting the gym.

Lekha Pillarisetti is a junior from California majoring in Biology with certificates in Health Policy and Global Health. As a scholar, Lekha worked with the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team (SMAHRT) and studied how social media can be used as a tool to monitor the safety of medical devices on the market. She is also a part of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) on campus as well as the Greater University Tutoring Services (GUTS). In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, buying overpriced coffee and adding to her candle collection.

Corina Robinson is a third-year student born in Philadelphia and raised in Oak Park, IL. She is a double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies, with a certificate in African American Studies. She is also a scholar of the First Wave program, with spoken word poetry as her main art medium. During her time as a scholar, she researched the intersectionality between environmental racism and avian conservation within the Forest and Wildlife Ecology department. Her work as a student and an artist centers racial justice, with an emphasis on environmentalism. She hopes to continue this field of work outside of college. When she is not doing her best to change the world, she is binging seasons of The Great British Bakeoff and enjoying the outdoors.  

Kellen Sharp is a fourth-year student pursuing majors in Communication Arts: Radio, TV, Film with a certificate in Digital Studies. He is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a FasTrack Scholar. During his time as a URS scholar, Kellen worked with the Center for Ethics and Education on their Multimedia Curriculum Project. His role was to create podcasts out of interviews done with Education and Philosophy professors nationwide and develop study guides. Kellen is currently researching toxic digital cultures as a part of the McNair Program and in his free time loves to make audio pieces.

Lucy Shoemaker is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in Industrial Engineering as well as certificates in 3D Art and Computer Sciences. She grew up in a military family but came to Madison from Coronado, California. During her time as a Scholar, Lucy researched how children’s understanding of mathematical symbols at an early age affects their learning and overall success in upper level math courses. She is currently working as a Creative Consultant at Wheelhouse Studios, a free art space for students to work on creative projects. In her free time, Lucy enjoys working out, spending time outside or trying new coffee shops.

Michael Tang is a fourth-year student from Waukesha, Wisconsin pursuing a double major in Economics and Mathematics. During his time as a scholar, Michael studied the role of trust with respect to firm cooperation and performance, conducting a meta-analysis with a PhD student. Currently, he is working for the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic as a Business Analyst and is working in the Green Inequality Lab researching the impacts of policy on population health. When he isn’t studying for class, you can usually find Michael hammocking with a good book, biking the trails around Madison, or enjoying some cheese curds at the Union.

Phillip Vang is a fourth-year student pursuing majors in Neurobiology and Psychology. He is from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin about 20 minutes from Madison. He is a proud member of the Mercile J. Lee Scholars and Badger Volunteers. During his time as a scholar, Phillip researched loneliness in the college setting and how these prolonged feelings could affect physical and mental health. Currently he is spending his time studying for the MCAT and plans on going to medical school to bridge the gap between physical, mental, and spiritual healthcare. In his free time, Phillip enjoys playing games of all varieties, cooking new foods, exploring the city, exercising with Ring Fit Adventure, or nerding out with friends.

Mia Warren is a third-year student studying Life Science Communications with certificates in Entrepreneurship and Criminal Justice. She is a proud Posse scholar from Chicago and works as the Engagement Coordinator for Sex Out Loud, a UW Madison organization that promotes and advocates for healthy sexual education, reproductive rights, and the sexual health of the campus community. Mia is also an Undergraduate Researcher for the Agricultural Sciences on campus. Mia plans to pursue Law School and work within environmental policy; in this role, she hopes to advocate for more sustainable choices for our environment. Mia additionally is part of the UW-Madison Competitive Cheer Team and enjoys crafting in her free time.